Thursday, December 3, 2009


So, I'm walking down the busiest street in Logan, freezin my butt off and talking to my mom at the same time! I had just gotten out of my last class of the day and I wanted to tell her all about the cool things I'd learned in Humanities just a few minutes earlier! So I'm being chatty Natty and all the sudden some A hole in a hot rod mexi ride loudy lays on his muffler and blows past me. It was so loud it didn't stop for 30 seconds sending my mother into SHEER PANIC MODE!!! No lie I am still very much on the line and she is SCREAMING my name and shedding tears all at once. For some reason (can't figure out why) the call was dropped. So for 5 minutes I try to call her back and I get nothing, the line is busy. So I wait a few more and call her back. She was sobbing! She thought the loud noise in the background was a horn blaring and that I had just gotten into an accident. So she had managed to call my dad, and was about to call my roommate when I called. She was so upset she lectured me on talking on the phone and driving, (even though she knew I was WALKING back to my car) and that she couldn't talk on the phone anymore because she felt sick to her stomach!

Now this being said I love her to death! I really really do, but I am begging the Lord NOT to make me turn out as paranoid and dramatic as her!!! As I'm writing this I realize she would kill me if she knew I was even retelling this story! So this is between us! She's a great and talented women who I can truly say is my dear friend! But holy hell women!!! CALM DOWN!! :)

*This really made my day! I'm still laughing!!