Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tribute to us!

On Sunday will be our first anniversary! It's funny how time flies! We have moved around so much this year and we have had some interesting experiences but we are so blessed to have a great job and the start of a great future. Despite the many rumors we have heard about people thinking we are unhappy, or that it won't last, we want everyone to know how happy we are. I feel grateful everyday of my life to have an amazing husband and friend, who was raised in the church and who often corrects me when I'm wrong. (notice the often :) ). We are also very excited to have our first little nugget sometime in July. My first ultrasound will be next week, I am still a bit nervous but of course Sam, coming from a bunch of nieces and nephews is fully prepared to take on diaper changing and late night feedings. (only if its a boy) We will keep you posted on the happenings! Thanks for being such great family and friends!

Monday, December 13, 2010


We just found out that Sam gets a week and a half off! We are very excited to come home and see our families and friends. It seems as if its been FOREVER since we have seen anyone even though its been only a month and a half. Nonetheless, we are thrilled. We are SO excited to go play in the snow! Woo!! Anyway, I just wanted to say we're excited and we will be home the 22nd, we're staying at the Johnsons!