Friday, October 30, 2009


I think that some life experiences you're suppose to have, but man wouldn't it be great if we could just surpass them all!? Ok like last week I spent 3 hours for 3 nights studying for my animal science exam and I got the results back to day.... I got a C! This is where I stop caring altogether about school! When I feel like I'm doing my best and my best just isn't good enough! So school isn't my friend at the moment! Then I find out I gotta find a place for Sam and I to live, not to mention Jack (Sam's boss) doesn't "feel like playing in the water".... EVERY DAY!!!! So he hasn't had any work... so I'm poor, trying to get good grades to pass this semester, working almost 5 days a week, and planning a wedding, with NO money! and its definitely not Sam's fault I just wish that money wasn't always an issue! But it always will be and I realize this....

So on a better note... well.... more like funnier... so Wrangler was sleeping with me last night. My roommate Jules also has a little puppy and so they were both chillin in my bed while I was completely out of it... and at one AM I wake up and realize that KY is still in my bed! NOT HAPPY!!! (he isn't potty trained and does his buziness wherever) So I yell for Jules, no answer, get up go to her room, not there, look outside car is here but she's not. So I take the thing to the bathroom and get back to bed. Two hours later she walks in my door and says.... what do you mean where am I? I've been here the entire night! So, needless to say, I'm blind and that is the fun thing that started my crazy day off!!! :) I still love ya though Jules!

Hopefully this weekend will be a good de-stresser for me! :) I hope!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The waiting

I think God knows I have some issues with patience. I'm not a fan! I'm ready for my classes to be over so I can just put this semester behind me and try to do a better job next, I'm ready for thanksgiving, and most definitely Christmas. Not to mention the wedding. My head is swarming with stresses of everyday life along with upcoming events. I think my focus on school has pretty much gone out the window. Today in math I was doodling invitations on my "note taking" paper. hahaha so much for that hour and half! I told Sam about the blog and he said "oh that's great babe, as long as I don't have to participate!" I just laughed that is so very typical! I'll get used to this though right?!?!? (This meaning living with a male again.)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New to this

So Kim convinced me to create a blog instead of writing some papers! haha just kidding! I am choosing to do so! So since Sam and I are technically not family yet there really isn't much to say! We are kinda lame like that! But I will say that the very first picture on our blog is going to be of my dog because he is our kid! I know to some (mother) that is disgusting and pathetic but he has been my companion for over a year now and he holds a very special place in my heart! So mom its ok if you never wanna come visit us because you know he'll probably sleep with us sometimes I still love you... but the dog stays! :) Besides that who could say no to something so stinkin cute!!!???? I know, I know, all of sam's in-laws and sisters can say holy cow I'm starting to feel bad for the kid but don't hold it against me! :)