Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer End

The last week and a half has been ridiculously busy and full of fun! My parents came and stayed the week with us and we played from the minute they got here to the minute they left! It was a BLAST! We went to the Kotter family reunion and boated till our hearts content, then we swam, swam, and did some more swimming. We finally ended off the week with a trip to the mountains of Cascade Idaho where we stayed in an amazingly GORGEOUS cabin, and we did ALOT more boating! I tubed for about 6 straight hours! We were all fried and sore but it was so worth it! Now its back to the last 19 days of Sam's schooling, Triathlon and Marathon training, and packing to temporarily move back home until Sam finds a job! If anyone here's of anything pass us along the info!

The last time I blogged was the first week we were here in Oregon/Idaho. We are now coming to an end of this summer. I can honestly say it has been a growing experience, we have been so blessed to meet the people we have and even more blessed that they have been so generous and good to us. This summer hasn't turned out exactly the way we thought it would but we also realize that that is life for you! We are so looking forward to moving on to bigger and better things; but not without saying thanks to those who made this summer bearable.