Monday, April 4, 2011

Lake Amistad

So this weekend we decided to go camping on Lake Amistad which is on the border of Mexico and the US. So we head down there and we start setting up and of course the wind is howling!! We can't even grill our hamburgers because the fire won't stay lit. So it took 2 hours to finally eat dinner and set up our tent. Which I had insisted earlier that we had to buy an air mattress because I didn't think sleeping on the ground would have been much fun at this point! SO..... night falls, its still a 100 degrees with a 100% humidity and we are laying in the tent sweating like no other. Long story short, the night turned out terribly for me. I was so hot, I was scared the Mexicans were going to come and kill us so I stayed up to guard us because snoring Sam doesn't wake up for nothin. So it was just me and the dog on guard. The wind was still blowing terribly and I had to pee. But of course I was too darn scared to go pee because of the Mexicans. I tried waking up my dear sweet hubby but got completely shut down there! So I held it which I think made the baby uncomfortable too because he didn't quit moving the whole night!!! So needless to say, It was a long long night. But it was worth it to go do something fun and adventurous... ok if you were to ask Sam he'd tell you he's never taking me camping again! :) But we'll see about that!