Friday, October 8, 2010

Good News... Bad News

I guess it would be a good time to give a report on what we have been up too! Not much but working, and stressing out about finding Sam a job! So the good news... WE ARE MOVING!!!! Sam leaves Monday to Mesa, Arizona for a disaster clean up job, then we will be leaving for Ozona, Texas 3 to 4 weeks later! We are stoked! Sam is a bit nervous I think... but hey who wouldn't be! So we found us a trailer to live in and we will hopefully be closing on it tomorrow! Although at this late in the day, I wouldn't be surprised for something disastrous to happen. Why so pessimistic you ask? Welp... I accidentally hit a cinder block wall and ruined my rim and tire... a spendy investment. On top of that... we were suppose to close on the trailer today, and my loan lady was gone... until TUESDAY! Oh, and did I mention we got a nice BIG FAT BILL from Sam school saying we hadn't paid part of his tuition! I have decided that every time Sam and I move something bad ALWAYS happens! Like when we first moved to Idaho and I got pulled over, 2 bad tires, and a safety inspection later... I arrived.THEN.. on our way home from Idaho.... We left half our stuff in Oregon (a 2 hour detour) anyway, wow I went on and on.. .my point is... there is always good news and always bad news! I just have to take a deeeeeeep breath and calm myself! :) That's all the news for now!