Sunday, May 9, 2010

Adrian Oregon

Well, after a busy week we have finally moved in to our house in Adrian, Oregon. We're about 30 minutes from my grandparents house and about 40 from Sam's school. Which by the way Sam is really enjoying. I am putting a whole bunch of pictures of where we live and such. The HUGE white house and the pristine yard is Grandma and grandpas house. Sam even let me take pictures of him in all his gear! By the way the town we are living in is so rural that I have hardly any cell service. But Sam has more than me! So if any of you need to get ahold of me go ahead and call me on Sam's phone! I am also posting some pictures of some wood posts... in the summer time they grow hopps for beer. The yellow field is a pickle field! A lot of farmers grow dill in Adrian. The house we are living in is the trailor looking house and all the green farm fields surround us. We can't even see into our neighbors house we are so far apart! There is also a picture of the snake river which separates Oregon from Idaho. Its pretty much right across the road from us! We attended our ward today for the first time and they were all pretty nice. It was funny to hear people refer to their tractors in sunday school as God's way of teaching them things. I think thats when we realized we would fit in just great here! After we got home from church a younger guy came and invited us to the "community dutch oven night" on Friday nights. I guess all the farmers from Adrian get together every friday night for some good times! Ha, ha, yep we're gonna like it here!

Monday, May 3, 2010


So, there is ALOT of exciting and scary things going on in our lives right now, some of which is too painful to even repeat so I will spare you all the tears. I am just finishing up my last exams for finals and I will be headed up to Idaho to meet up with Sam. We are still planning on living in Adrian, Oregon. Although some tragic news there, Ruthy (the lady I was going to be paid to take care) passed on today, so I no longer have a job. My old roomie though is coming up this weekend to help me find a job with a local farmer. So I am feeling blessed and relieved and everything will be fine. We still get to live in the house and we are paying no rent, and wrangler can live there with us so its going to work out. We are at least going to try it for a month and see if its worth it to us. I must say its going to be GREAT having our own place, on a farm, in a town with the population of 140 people! We will make it 142! It will be SO amazing to train for my marathons around all the farming ground. And it'll be GREAT to experience a new place. As you might all have guessed, I'm really trying to be positive about all the turn of events which have happened in less than 24 hours. You could say I've been a WEE BIT stressed! :) But hey, thats what happens when you become adult like and all that crap! Anyway, I will be posting LOTS of pictures of Sam's school and the strawberry farm we will be living on! Love you all!