Sunday, February 21, 2010

Winter Fun!

This is just one of the many many night Sam and I spent watching TV with the dog, neither of them liked their pictures taken too much! The other picture is when it snowed SO much in one night! We woke up to my car completely hidden beneath snow!

Ok... so the boots story: Well, it started out that I was going to take Sam to go shopping for his birthday. There is this HUGE western store called Smith and Edwards that is our favorite now! So I figured he could just go spend his birthday money on something he will like, after weeks of asking him what he wanted he just would not give me any ideas and he's so picky anyway I figured this way is the best! So we head on down there this friday and spend two hours in that store. Let me first say we got a pretty dang good tax return this year... so this is how I justified spending money on boots... :/ Anywho, Sam was trying on boots galour and I was walkin around tryin to find him a nice pair and I walked right past these amazing Tony Lama purple 16" high topped boot and I just HAD TO HAVE THEM!!! So long story short.. we both bought boots for Sam's birthday. I know it was VERY selfish of me to do that! But... we got our tax return?! he he he