Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Thoughts!

Ha ha because Brandi pointed out that I didn't actually write anything yesterday when I posted... nothing is new with us! Absolutely nothing! We work, clean the yard, and go to school! Its ridiculous! ha ha we are officially LAME. No lie, I was in bed and asleep at 7 last night!!! We aren't able to make it home for Easter because Sam has to work this weekend, so I will be home alone on Saturday and Sunday listening to conference. We are planning a trip to Boise on Monday to meet with Sam's adviser for school and hopefully we will be all straightened out and ready to go! I am currently on a very strict diet that makes me want to cry my eye balls out every day, and I am trying to train for the Hurricane Half Marathon when I'm feeling strong enough to actually run. But I am signed up for it and I will run it even if I am not feeling ready enough. School is going..... that's about all I have to say about school these days! Other than this... nothing is new!! We will be home for almost a week starting the 22nd of April and this will be our last visit for the entire summer probably until August!! So I hope to see everyone!!