Monday, April 12, 2010

We had a great Easter! We surprised our families by coming home unexpectedly and it was so much fun! We were happy to be able to spend time with all of you! Now that we're back up in Logan reality has kind of sunk in, at least for me. We've been packing and putting stuff in our storage unit and CLEANING like mad to get our apartment ready to move out! We will probably be moving out in a few weeks then spending almost a week in H-Town before Sam has to go to school. My classes are FINALLY coming to an end, and our fun-filled life in Logan is too! WOO HOO!! Off to new and more adventurous times! (yes, I count living with Grandma and Grandpa as adventurous!) Other than this, not much has been happening with us! We will hopefully post some new pictures and what not soonish! Love to you all and I hope you are all having an amazing April!