Friday, June 10, 2011


I haven't blogged in forever because I am not a picture taker really and I feel like that is usually the only reason anyone wants to read blogs... ok fine... that's usually why I look at blogs! Is to see the pictures!! Ha ha... but we are getting a new camera in a few weeks and I promise to be better about taking them! I just wanted to catch up the few family members that read this on what is going on in our lives right now. We will be moving down to Del Rio the end of this month, where Sam will spend the next few months finishing up on this job, after this we still aren't sure where we are going. We've heard of several different places we could end up! So we will just cross our fingers and hope that it is indeed the Utah job. At this point though we just feel so blessed to have a great job, so we're willing to travel wherever we have to go to still have a job!

Sam is doing really really well in his job! They have really been good to us the last few months and he is working really hard! His hours are starting to get old for me, but I realize that it basically comes with the job, so I try to be positive about it!

At my last doctors appointment my doctor once again, commented on how small Case is looking.... even AFTER he decided to change my due date! So I fear my doctor is just crazy! So I asked him how small exactly he thought he was and he said 4 pounds! 4 pounds is normal for the week I'm at!! Then I asked how much he thought he'd weigh when I delivered and he said 7! So... I'm really unclear about my doctors definition of "small". But I am proud of myself... I have only gained 6 pounds in the last 3 months! I was quite surprised myself! :) I am getting really ready physically for him to come out, but I know he needs to stay in for a couple more weeks. I have started feeling nausea and LOTS of cramps and back aches. So I am hoping this is a good sign that things are progressing! My next doctors appointment is the 24th and I will be 36 weeks, so I am hoping that some sort of "change" comes out of it!!

Other than this, not much is going on with us! Hopefully the next post will be all about how baby case came into the world!! Hopefully not along side of the road on the way to the hospital (still 2 hours from hospital until end of month), but we hope that all of you are doing great! We are missing out on a ton of family things in the next months and we wish we could be there with you all!! We love ya and miss ya!