Thursday, November 18, 2010

The dog and I

Sadly to say Wrangler really is the only thing that I have to talk about because I see no one else during my long days without Sam. Wrangler is teaching me a few lessons I wish I wasn't receiving until I had kids but I guess he's preparing me. If I'm sitting in the recliner and I get up to walk the two steps to the kitchen he follows me. If I go into the bedroom, he follows me. If I go to the bathroom he follows me. If I'm in the shower, he sticks his nose underneath the shower curtain and lays underneath the shower until I get out! IT'S DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!! But what can I say at least I have a companion and at least he is loyal.

This dog and I go running together, although I would hardly call it running anymore because he has to mark his territory on every bush we pass, so our runs end up being more like me getting whip lash every 10 feet. At about 10 minutes to five at night he sits in front of the front door and he waits for Sam to come home. I am not even kidding you, he has a sense when its almost time for him to be home. Its kinda sweet. During the day when I am reading a book he has this stuffed duck that he plays with that squeaks and if he makes it make noise he thinks that its alive so he will pounce on it until it moves, which it never does. But it provides great entertainment for me and him!

This is the second week that we have been here and this week has been much harder for me than last. I don't do much but cook, clean, run, and watch TV or read. Its definitely not the life I am used to. Most would tell me to live it up and enjoy the last few months of free time I will ever have. But I am getting the feeling I'm a little worthless. I don't want to get a job until after Christmas because we will be leaving for a week or so during that time. Plus my options here in town consist of the dairy queen, sonic, subway, a few gas stations, and general dollar store. Anyway... options are slim.

Anywho, I hope things are going well with all of you! We love and miss you all!

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  1. I was so sad to hear you weren't coming for Thanksgiving, but at least we will get to see you at Christmas! I have something for you. Do you have an address I can send you mail to? Let me know. My e-mail is