Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Women of Today

It seems like a lot of women out there these days are all about creating things. Which is, for some; fulfilling. Most of the women in my life (minus my mother and a select few others) are always making things, or always have this project or that project going on. Its so... silly to me. Call me ridiculously crazy but I'd rather spend my time camping, outdoors, or sweating my butt off on the roads. I don't get this need for women to "make" things. Make them cute, make them simple, make them less expensive, make them on your own. I will admit, there is a need to be clean (anyone that knows me well knows I'm a little clean freak-o!) there is also a need to cook. My kids will probably be the ones running around with their bare butts covered in cow crap and drinking out of horse trough, while I'm out mowing the lawn and walking the cows. Not making crafts.

I feel better now that I have vented about my disapproval of crafts. For all those of you who do cherish craft day... I have nothing against you personally, just your odd need to be... crafty. :)

*Disclaimer: you are probably all thinking, she is just ranting about this because she herself is not a crafty person. Wrong. I am very talented. I just choose not to participate! Once again... Love all you odd nuts out there!


  1. I'll back you up on that. I would rather go for a walk with the dogs than make filly scrap books. Give me a photo album and I'm set. All the power to people who can craft all day, but I'd rather be out and about too.

  2. I have to say that I am happy in both worlds. I love making things for my girls, and I love sitting in my house and looking around at the quilts and paintings and sweaters and scarfs that my mom has made for me. I love looking at the furniture we re-finished together or the room we painted. It is the memory that goes along with something handmade that gets me and keeps me searching for new projects. But I get ya too. I am never so happy as when I am mowing my lawn or working outside, or on a hike, or camping out. It just depends on my mood.

  3. I have to say that reading this post was a breath of fresh air. I have stressed, since joining the church, that I can't keep up with all these "Mo-mo's" and their amazing abilities to be creative. I stress that Haylie will grow up and not be the typical "Molly Mormon" that people think is so important. But reading this has sort of lifted a weight off my shoulders... thanks Nat. There are plenty of things that I am good at, that don't involve crafts. ;) Although I like to craft, I get frustrated when I'm not good at it right away, and usually quit. Bad, huh? I am better at decorating my house, than making "little" crafts with my kids. Ah well...

  4. Odd nuts? really? I never wanted to do crafts until after my kids were here. It is my out! LOL You don't have to create things to be loved by the ones who love crafts! :) My first project ever was redoing a dresser OUTSIDE! :) Love you craft hater! LOL