Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Positive Thinking!

Since I have been so sick that it hurts to watch movies and it hurts to read a book and most definitely hurts to do homework, not to mention sleeping is almost completely out of the question. Therefore, haven't done much of anything besides sit and stare at the wall, and think. Bad idea for me to be thinking this much. So this morning I woke up with a 103 temp at 5. I had to wake my roomie up to give me sponge bath... very awkward moment. We were unsuccessful in getting it back down. So it is about 2 when I'm finally starting to feel like my fever is breaking and lo and behold it has! So I flipped my sheets over in an attempt to make the germs go away because there is no way i'm going to the laundry mat. I got into the shower, and brushed my teeth and I'm feeling like a brand new me.... and then I think to myself.... you know there is one really good thing about being sick right now.... since I have no appetite today can be day 2 of my diet! YES!!!


  1. So so sorry you are sick. I added you on my blog under my friends and family list. To link others to your blog you go to customize and then add a gadget and then add the blog list option....then it will walk you through it. I hope you are feeling better soon, sounds like it has been a bad one. We are all sick here too, but not that bad thankfully. Oh and I love your engagement pictures, they are very cute. Get better soon.

  2. Just remember to give your math professor a few good coughs!! And then head up here cause diets suck so maybe I could lose a few pounds the swine flu way :)