Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cold Weather!

We took pictures of the snow yesterday, it was insane! We could barely see 10 feet in front of us! This is Wrangler from the kennel and then the back yard! I love the snow its so much fun! But wow, it was bad yesterday! Sam says he is getting used to it, and likes it as long as he doesn't have to drive in it!

By the way peeps, I keep forgetting to tell everyone that Sam found a job, It pays good but that's about the only thing that is good about it. He has to work 12 hours a day, two days on, three days off, three days on, two days off, and like this weekend he had to work Saturday and Sunday. So its a bit of a drag for us but hey, its a job! So we can't really complain!


  1. Woot for the job even if it isn't the dream job!!!

    We've been super cold, but we hardly have any snow. I wish we had more cause I swear the prettiness of it makes the freezing cold weather a little more bearable. But maybe that is just for insane people like me, lol

  2. The job sounds interesting, but it pays the bills so that's what really matters! Congrats Sam!

  3. Keep looking and maybe you can find something better to up grade to. Having a job does make life a little easier, but if you don't like it...well, lets just say Shane has a few jobs that he didn't like either, and it was so much better for both of us when he switched jobs! Good Luck adjusting! Cole said today as we left Marcia's "I miss Sam!" I feel so bad we missed seeing you last weekend. miss you both!

  4. UH HELLO!!!?? Hurry up with my thing already! :) love ya!

  5. NATALIE?!!!!??????
    I am so unrealistically happy to hear from you! Way cute blog. Your dog is adorable! I didn't know you ran a marathon, that's really impressive. I'm happy for you. You look really good, nat. I hope all's well. SO good to 'see' you.