Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dog Hair

So I'll admit, under this ornery exterior I am one big softy. Especially when it comes to my dog. I am on my knees everyday praying that he won't freeze to death in this Logan weather, and that nothing bad will happen to him, because I know that if something does happen before I have kids (something else to put more love into) That the death of my dog would be one of the hardest things for me to bare! No seriously I'm THAT pathetic! I know its disturbing as my mother would call it, but now I even have Sam trained to pray for him. (probably just to get me off his back)

So here is the dilemma, I am a clean FREAK, I do indeed take after my mother. All weekend we've been unpacking and rearranging things in our little basement apartment and I have had a bottle of Clorox and Windex in my hand cleaning things before I put them away. So having a dog that has long hair has made me realize that I hate the hair! For instance this morning I was making the bed, and I swore to myself Wrangler has to a blanket on our bed because he is NOT getting dog hair on my new sheets and quilt, yet this morning when I'm ripping sheets off the bed I see DOG HAIR!!!! So you might say, just don't let the dog inside right? That's when the soft heart comes into play and really, I can't just not let him come inside and sleep with us. I just can't. Its not right. So now I have to figure out how to get dog hair under control before I go mad!


  1. Are we sisters in another life?

    I am a neat freak as well, although having kids has forced me to back off a little. BUT I am a softy too and Joe just doesn't get why I would want to let our skinny little mini-schnauzer sleep on the bed. YAY for you that you have a husband that is trainable!! ;)

  2. I love dogs, but the dog hair in the bed would be a deal breaker for me. LOL Good Luck with that one!

  3. All that thick long hair is there for a keep him warm in his dog box outside :) But I have to admit I have been guilty of letting the dog in at night, on a dog blanket in the corner. Try getting him his own bed...he will still be warm, and near you.

  4. I wouldn't technically call myself a neat freak but... Gus does live in the house. Luckily he is pretty short haired and I vacuum A LOT. I don't know how I would deal with a long-haired dog.