Monday, March 14, 2011

Word of Wisdom

Weird title right? You're probably all thinking that something is going wrong... Don't worry its not, I'll get to the title part. On Friday I had my most recent doctors appointment which took me 2 hours to drive there and then I had to wait for 3 and a half hours for the doctor to actually see me, then a 2 hour drive home. It made for a very long day! But while the doctor was examining me, he told me that our baby is measuring small for how far along I am. Many of you know that my mom had a son who had a birth defect and measuring too small in his head was the reason they caught it. My doctor didn't mention anything about his head being too small, I think he meant more his whole body. My doctor also didn't seem really concerned. It was a little scary to deal with on my own and there were many questions I didn't ask because so much was going on. So maybe if any of you remember just pray for him. Its probably nothing to worry too much about but it still scares me.

So to the word of wisdom part... Yesterday in relief society the lesson was on the word of wisdom, something we've all been taught since birth and is super self explaintory. So when the lesson shifted to the part about eating right, exercising right, and basically just learning to live right I was kind of surprised. I'd heard it before many times I'm sure, but it hadn't hit me until I was sitting there listening to it. My boy was on my mind at the time, I kept thinking to myself; is he too small because I run so much still? Is he too small because I can barely get in one serving of fruits and veggies a day? Questions like that were running through my head. When all the sudden it just dawned on me, whether I like fruits and vegetables it doesn't really matter, because they were put on the earth for our benefit. Don't get me wrong i'm really not a terrible eater. We rarely eat out, I don't have fast food nearby, I never drink soda, I get plenty of rest and I exercise alot. But I felt like just hearing that its part of Gods plan made it easier for me to just suck it up and deal with it, maybe eventually I'll begin to crave the things I never liked before. I know this was a weird post, and I usually don't put spiritual things on my blog because I don't feel I have to flaunt that around me, but I was so inspired!


  1. Don't worry to much about his head. Kailin's head measured way to small compared to her body. They told us it was just the head not her body in the beginning. So now the mom in me is going to kick in. You had better eat your fruits and veggies! LOL Just take care of you both!

  2. If you were running consistently before you got pregnant and you've got the ok from the doc, running should be fine. But my rule of thumb was if I was nervous about it or it caused any type of pain I didn't do it. Just to be safe. I just had to tell myself that its only temporary and I'm doing it to keep my baby healthy. Eating right while pregnant can be hard, but having to have my baby in the NICU (even though it was only for 4 days) with health problems was terrifying. And if you can prevent something like that, all the sacrifices will be worth it. Ok ok, I'm done with my little rant. Love ya