Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Its a boy!

Although last week was a very traumatizing event for me and it made me more homesick than ever, I was excited to hear we are having a boy! His name will be Case. We have a middle name but we aren't releasing it yet! Sam was elated, as you can imagine. He has a habit now of talking to the belly. He cannot feel him move but I feel him move all the time now! My body is changing so much that its freaking me out! I get sore from running now, I constantly feel as if I have to urinate which makes running difficult and extrememly uncomfortable, but I know I need to keep going. I have also had some nerve problems and leg swelling in just one leg, believe it or not, running is the only thing that keeps the swelling down and the leg aches to a minimum! Ok so enough about the running.

My friend Chelsey challenged me to the 8 weeks to a better you. I feel its a safe and easy way to stay healthy and to become a better person spiritually! So I embark on this event starting today! Wish me luck peeps!

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  1. Congrats Natalie! Everyone is having boys lately. I hope my sister has a boy too :)