Thursday, July 7, 2011

Baby Time!

Just to update our friends and family who follow the blog, this last month we moved to Del Rio, Texas to finish up this job! Sam says its actually going pretty fast, so we may indeed be moving to the next job in October or November! Its SO much nicer living here in Del Rio! Everything that we had been driving for is right here in town! Our trailer park is SO NICE!! Its a 4 star park, there is a swimming pool, laundry mat, and we have a great yard with green grass! I know it sounds so odd, but we really learned not to take for granted those simple things that we lived without for almost 8 months!

Its only been two weeks since we've lived here, but we've met some really nice people in our branch, and a lot of ladies have put my mind at ease about my doctor! The branch is in a church building which really surprised both Sam and I. We weren't expecting it to be this big! There are about 50 people in all in our branch! Its a quaint little branch and I think we'll enjoy being there while it lasts!

Sam's job is still going really well! Its really hot and humid here, but he says its not too bad out at work! I'm so grateful for him and how hard he works so that I can stay at home and raise our baby! He is a stinking STUD!!!! Ha ha ha

My brother is coming home from his mission today. I'm really really sad that I can't be there. Most people don't get it, but Ben and I were super close. I know that I get to see him in a few days, but its not really the same! This is definitely one of those times I have to think positive about life! Missing out on family things for a few years is going to better for our family in the long run! And I'm so grateful that our job is steady! One less thing we have to worry about, so in keeping that in mind, I've been positive about missing Ben and all the family going to see him come home!
So I am being induced the 18th at 8am. My "Small" baby weighs 5lbs 110z so far. So I'm sure he'll be over 6lbs by the 18th!! I can't WAIT for him to come out! Its VERY hot and humid here and even in my AC trailer I still am just a pool of sweat everywhere I go! It makes it awkward to even go out in public! I for sure only get a few hours of sleep now, which I guess I'm getting used too for a good reason! I am constantly scraping my belly on doorways in the trailer! Its rather annoying! So only a little over a week now and he'll be on his way! I guess I should maybe tell those of you who don't know that I'm being induced because I have GBS (dangerous for the baby could lead to deaf, blindness, or death) So he won't let me go into labor on my own! Not only that but he is worried the placenta is getting too old to support the baby and that's why he's so "small". So here we are! We're excited and we will let you all know how it turns out!


  1. I'll be thinking of and praying for you guys Nat. Hope it all goes well! I had GBS with the boys and it is definitely scary but you guys will be just fine.

  2. It's good to read updates on your family! I will keep you & the baby in my prayers! Can't wait to see pictures of the cute little guy! Also Ben's homecoming talks was the best i've heard & looks GREAT, i bet your so excited to see him!